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Welcome to our House
in Águas da Prata, SP, Brasil

You enter by the front door, if the Guard Dog (Nine) will let you pass!!

Oh look! Someone came to the door to greet you!

It is a Canadian Squirrel saying Welcome!

When you go inside you notice we have a unique way of showing off our beach towels. The first and second one came from Brasil. The third and fourth were gifts from Ann, our friend in Canada. !

Thank you Ann!

The first one is very Canadian. It is the door to the Master Bedroom.

The second one is on the door to Judy's Cavern (Office).

The third one is on the Guest Bedroom Door. It is for the horsey set eh?

The fourth is the door to Urso Branco's Office (Cavern) !!!

There will be more photos later about Doors in Our House.

Photos by Urso Branco


  1. Hi Urso
    What are you doing in Brazil? It is one of the places, I would like to visit. Great pictures. Are you close to any beaches? Why so many blogs? Won't be able to follow the portuguese ones which my late father could have followed as he knew the language! Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Nice posting.carry on Urso.I think u have more stuff.

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